Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Burberry Brit

Good evening everyone!

Today I would like to present you one of my favorite Perfumes (and also the first one I bought while I was working in a Perfumery) :

Burberry Brit

It still is my secret passion ... Perfumes... *ayyyy* You know, everyone tells a story! It's not only flask and water- there's more!

Burberry became famous with the development of trench coats, which he designed on behalf of the British military administration, and in the First World War as an officer of the British Army Clothing enjoyed great popularity. The Enterprise Burberry created with Brit a younger and more affordable line for the younger people!

The fragrance: A tender and fresh scent...

~ fresh lime, iced pear and sugared almonds in the top note ~

~ soft sweetness of baked almond and lush peony in the heart note ~

~ the warming effect of a combination of amber - the most expensive perfume in the world - mahogany and tonka bean in the base note ~

Know you'll love it!

If you want more fragrant reviews you can send me a comment (^.^)

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